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Provide your Employees with a Home Office Package

Over 25 Years of Industry Knowledge.

Rated Excellent” Customer Service on Trustpilot.

Ergonomic and Mental Well-Being Solutions.

Our Clients

150+ Ergonomic Chairs delivered to home addresses across the UK and Germany for a large tech company.

150+ Ergonomic Chairs delivered to home addresses across the UK within 2 months for a large insurance company.

142 Ergonomic Chairs, Home Office Desks + Laptop Supports delivered across the UK + EU for an IT company.

A range of home office products delivered across the UK for an accountancy and advisory firm.

We are small enough to be flexible to create a perfect plan for you. We are large enough to deliver the best service to you and your employees. We have already helped large corporations provide their employees with a home office package across the UK and EU. Get in touch to see how they did it and how we can tailor a plan to suit your needs.

The Process:

– We collect employee order details

– We deliver to employee home addresses

– We offer installation of goods and ergonomic setup

– We provide excellent customer care

– We automate invoicing

The Home Office Package Can Include:

Ergonomic Desk Chair

Home Office Desk

Laptop & Screen Support

Desk Light

Desk Organiser Accessories

Desk Plant

Corporate Benefits:

✔ A familiar ecommerce platform with automated order processing so no admin for you

✔ Special company discounts

✔ European-wide delivery

✔ A custom corporate catalogue you can create from our huge product range

✔ A unique URL to share with your employees

✔ A payment plan tailored to you

✔ Data insights on your corporate orders *available upon request

✔ Package is available for existing employees and for new starters when they join the company

Our Values

We promote ergonomic awareness and mental well-being whilst working from home. Our sister company, Tsunami Axis, has been in the industry for over 25 years.

We promote biodiversity, sustainability and carbon capture and storage. Our collaboration with Carbon Trap is a big step towards a greener future. 

We provide excellent customer service from the Du Foyer team.

We partner with the industry leading designers.

We offer a Price Match Guarantee.

Provide your Employees with a Home Office Package

Get in touch to see how we can tailor a plan to suit your needs.

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