Colebrook Bosson Saunders Flo Laptop Stand Arm

£216.00 *inc. taxes

  • Smooth, dynamic movement through patented Flo Spring Technology.
  • Laptop Mount has adjustable retaining arms to allow for diffrent laptop tickeness (4.5 to 38mm)
  • Unique head design provides unrivalled degree of flexibility for tablets and touch screens.
  • User adjustable tension gauge with single allen key.
  • Integrated three-point cable management system.
  • Supports monitors weight from 3 to 9kg.
  • Reaches 458mm
  • Verticle Adjustment: 341mm

Finish: White

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Flo’s primary purpose is to support a single screen/monitor but due to its ingenious design can be easily customized to support a laptop, tablet. Perfect for use in any office or workspace, the Flo monitor stand is a truly ergonomic product. The unique range of design features provide an unrivalled user-experience that improve health and well-being while increasing work efficiency.

As a winner of the red dot award for product design, the entire Flo product can be taken apart and is 100 per cent recyclable.

Flo monitor stands come with a lifetime warranty and leave a minimal carbon footprint on the environment by using a limited number of parts due to their unrivalled design purity.

Flexible working

The CBS Laptop Mount, coupled with Flo, can work as a single screen in an ergonomic setup, or it can be combined with another screen allowing home users to user their laptop as a secondary screen when in an office, improving both ergonomics and efficiency.

Seamless integration with Flo and Ollin

The CBS Laptop Mount integrates with the Flo and Ollin monitor arms and raises the laptop off the desk to suit the height of the user whilst creating additional space on the desk.

Improves ergonomics

CBS Laptop Mount provides an improved ergonomic solution both in the office and at home. When used with an additional mouse and keyboard, the CBS Laptop Mount ensures unrivalled ergonomics, meaning the user is in comfort and can work for longer periods of time without fatigue.

CPU max weight: 25kg
Height range: 290-510mm
Width range: 90- 240mm

Laptop Mount is purchased with Flo monitor arm and desk clamp

Weight 5 kg

12-25mm top thickness clamp, 0-65mm top thickness clamp

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