Colebrook Bosson Saunders Lolly Personal Task Lamp and Charging Point

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Charge devices with its USB-A and USB-C ports or position the light wherever it’s needed, with a tilting head and dimming settings.
Powered by 13amp 3 pin plug
Available in white or black

  • Deep Black
  • White


An elegant personal light with integrated USB charging facility

The desk light that’s in charge

Lolly is a personal desk light that gives power to the user through its integrated USB type A and type C ports, offering convenient charging for personal devices. Its head can be angled to illuminate areas of focus, and because different tasks have different asks, Lolly has a four-stage dimmer to enable variation in brightness.

USB C – the future

One of the first lights on the market to offer USB type C charging, Lolly is a ray in the new dawn of electronic devices. As technology providers embrace USB type C on their latest smartphones and laptops – start saying goodbye to that bulky laptop transformer – Lolly will future proof the work space and help charge this new wave of technology.

Illuminating credentials

As industry leaders, CBS pioneers new ergonomic design, using the success of our previous products to inspire the next ones. Our revolutionary fusion of a desktop light and charging point, Lolly became the natural progression – and new dimension – in our portfolio of desktop lighting and charging solutions.

Features and flair

With an element that enhances longevity by conducting heat away from the cool white LEDs, and automatic power down after four hours of inactivity, Lolly shines for an impressive 50,000 hours of use. A long cable allows for practical manoeuvring around the desk, and a built-in thread on the base means it can be secured to a surface. And the way Lolly has been manufactured allows for its plastic, aluminium and zinc components to be recycled with ease.

A shining example in the modern workspace

We are all asking more of our modern workspaces, and trying to get more from less. Lolly is one of the answers to making everyone’s desktop more efficient and user friendly. Being so compact and lightweight, Lolly can be moved around the desktop with ease. By putting USB charging points within easy reach less desktop power sockets are required. Reducing clutter. Nothing but pioneering personal lighting for the modern workplace.

When good design makes a world of difference

Lolly is ideal whenever and wherever it’s needed because it incorporates globally-standard USB ports for charging personal devices. Lolly’s head has been designed to tilt just below eye level, reducing glare and reducing eye strain for people working away from natural light or on detailed work, offering the user more focused light exactly where they need it.

Lolly Dimensions:300mm x 90mm Ø
Head adjustments: Angled head 36°
Cable length: 1000mm

USB Type C:DC 5V 3A/DC 15V 3A (USB PD)
USB Type A:DC 5V
Light source:LED Cree XBDAWT
Light output:450 lumen, 4-stage dimmable
Light Watts:5W (+/- 0.5W)
Light Efficacy:90Lm/W
CRI: 75Ra
Colour temperature:3700K to 5000K, Neutral White
Beam angle:115°
Lifespan: 50,000+ hours

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 35.5 cm

Deep Black, White

Plug Type

UK, European Schuko

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