Herman Miller Formwork Paper Tray

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The cleverly designed lid of each stationary box contains a hole that accepts a removable cup or, you can set the cup in an indentation inside the box and under its lid for easy access without having to remove the lid. In essence, the innovative design allows easy access and placement for cups.

Finish: Concrete

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Despite the digital age, paper is still a part of our everyday lives. Paper will likely never disappear from our desks, kitchen counters, or workshops, and there will always be situations where these paper documents need proper support and arrangements. Acknowledging that paper will always be with us, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin created this unique and artistic Herman Miller Paper Tray.

The Herman Miller Paper Tray can stand alone or stack with other formwork elements, which helps make organization easier for users all around. The low profile, aesthetic, and minimalist design formwork paper tray comes with gently sloping lips that make picking up papers easy. Its unique convenience factor makes Herman Miller Paper Tray the best accessory to organize and tidy your heavy paper piles. Storage and access to papers will never be the same again.

The Entire Formwork Family

Formwork stackable desktop storage serves as the ultimate solution for bringing order to your papers, tools, and artifacts. Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, each design offers a range of possibilities for organizing things. They rigorously considered the shapes and sizes to provide an intuitive sense of utility, besides providing the ability to stack and combine them in any way possible. Thereby enabling the user infinite combinations without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.  The Kim Colin Formwork Stackable Paper Tray with a unique industrial design and other units are the best solutions to your everyday storage problems. Get the best range of products to organize your tools and artifacts.

The Entire Formwork Family

A Variety of Forms for a Versatile Workspace

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin’s Formwork is a practical and trendy collection of minimalist and crafty storage units in various configurations for your modern interiors. Balancing meticulous attention to detail with thoughtful consideration of context, they created an incredible storage piece that allows some items to be kept out of view while others remain within reach based on aesthetic considerations or usage frequency. The Meticulous Design Process ensures only top-quality products. The sophisticated forms combined with their material production and beautiful color palette brought about a level of thoughtfulness rarely found when designing desktop goods. Each individual item is carefully crafted in ABS plastic, and some of them even feature a non-slip silicone base.

A Variety of Forms for a Versatile Workspace
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Dimensions 41 × 33 × 27.5 cm
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