Vitra Plywood Elephant Natur Miniature


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Holding a prominent place among the plywood pieces designed by the Eameses, the Plywood Elephant represents their success in achieving a method to mould plywood into three-dimensional shapes, which went on to feature on a wide range of furniture and sculptural objects.

History of the Plywood Elephant

Although the Plywood Elephant never made it to mass-production, it holds the title of being a playful counterpart to the leg splints developed by the Eameses for the military – the very first mass-produced objects made of three-dimensionally moulded plywood. Only two prototypes were made, both of which were displayed at the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1945-46.


All items in the Vitra Miniatures Collection are exact 1:6 replicas of the original, with the same level of craftmanship, attention to detail, material and colour. This makes the Miniature Plywood Elephant Natur an excellent feature to any home.


As with all in the Vitra Miniatures Collection, the Miniature Plywood Elephant Natur is packaged in an environmentally-friendly plywood box, containing the replica itself, protected by shredded paper alongside an informational leaflet.

Dimensions 13 × 7 × 7 cm
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